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After Submission

After Submission

This webpage is due to be archived. Please visit for 2019/20 information.

When you submit your PhD dissertation to the Board of Graduate Studies they will make certain checks and log your submission. They will then forward the dissertation to the Engineering Graduate Studies Office, usually the day after you submit. If your supervisor nominated examiners in advance and they have been appointed, we will send out your dissertations within two days of receipt.  If examiners have not been appointed, we will ask your supervisor for nominations.

Oral examination (viva)

We will write to you when your dissertations have been forwarded to your examiners. You should expect to wait at least 8 weeks for your oral examination. After your oral examination, you may be asked to make some corrections to your dissertation. If your examiners do not provide you with a list of corrections, please contact us and we will arrange for a list to be sent to you.  When the corrections are complete, you should show them to your internal examiner (and/or your external examiner in some cases).

After the examination

Your examiners' reports will be considered at a meeting of the Engineering Degree Committee. Following this meeting, the Degree Committee will send their recommendation to the Board of Graduate Studies for consideration at their next meeting. After the Board of Graduate Studies meeting, you will receive an email from the Student Registry informing you of the outcome. You will also receive copies of your examiners' reports and instructions on applying for graduation.

Note that if you have not yet completed any corrections requested (or your examiners have not yet approved them) by the time your examiners' reports go to the Board of Graduate Studies, then your degree approval will be conditional upon you completing your corrections to the satisfaction of your examiners. When your corrections have been approved by your examiners, the Degree Committee will confirm this to the Student Registry, who will then write to you to confirm your unconditional approval. Confirmation of corrections do not need to go through any further meetings.

Hard-bound and electronic dissertation copies

You will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your hard bound and electronic copies of your thesis after the unconditional approval of your degree. Full instructions can also be found on the Student Registry website.