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Contact Us


University of Cambridge
Department of Engineering
Graduate Studies Office, Room BEO-24
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1PZ


Tel: +44 (0)1223 748230


Ms Becky Ramshaw - Graduate Office Manager
Mr Ronald Collinson - Administrator
Mrs Deborah Smethers - Administrator
Mrs Louise Wilson - Administrator
Mrs Laura Reed - Administrator (Weds/Fri only)

Deputy Head of Department (Graduate studies)

Prof Joan Lasenby

Secretary of the Degree Committee

Ms Becky Ramshaw

Graduate Student Mediators

The Graduate Student Mediators can be contacted by students who are experiencing difficulties with their supervisor, or issues that they feel unable to discuss with their supervisor. Other sources of support include your advisor, College Tutor and Head of Division. If you are unsure who to contact, the Degree Committee Secretary can help signpost you to the appropriate person or people.

Prof Allan McRobie
Dr Athina Markaki

The University's Student Wellbeing website provides information and links to helpful resources and support for particular issues.

Graduate Student Representatives

Each graduate student rep acts as both representative for their division and for a committee (see below). If you need to make contact regarding a matter which falls under one of the committees, you should contact the relevant committee rep. Otherwise (or if you're unsure), you should contact your division's rep.

Name Divisional Representative Committee Membership
Ingrid El Halou Division A Student Staff Joint Committee
Gurashish Singh Division B Library Committee and Safety Committee
Malar Chellasivalingam Division C Faculty Board and Rep of Reps
Alessandra Luna-Navarro Division D Athena SWAN Committee
Lucia Corsini Division E Athena SWAN Committee
Erik Daxberger Division F Graduate Teaching Committee