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Examination and Submission Process

Examination and Submission Process

Examination Procedures

Taught MPhil Courses

For students following taught MPhil Courses: Sustainable Development (ESD) Energy Technologies, Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management (ISMM) and Nuclear Energy, the examination and assessment procedures are laid down in your course handbook.

MPhil in Engineering

The MPhil in Engineering is examined by dissertation only. You will be required to take two modules and take part in a Research and Communications Club but the results do not count towards your final degree.

PhD in Engineering

All students for the PhD are admitted as Probationary Students. You will not be permitted to continue to the PhD degree until you have completed and passed the First Year Assessment procedure.

The PhD dissertation should be submitted before the last day of your fourth year of study. The earliest date you can submit is the first day of your ninth term. The Department has strict limits on the length of your dissertation and the number of figures: 65,000 words, including appendices, bibliography, footnotes, tables and equations, and 150 figures. Further information on the style and format of dissertation can be found on the Student Registry pages.

The examination copies of your PhD dissertation should be submitted to the Student Registry, 4 Mill Lane.