Department of Engineering

Professional Development

Professional Development

First-Year Students

There is a wide variety of Research Skills and Professional Development activities in the Department of Engineering, the School of Technology and the University. All first-year students in the Department are required to attend a Research and Communications Club (RCC). The RCCs are held within Research Groups or Divisions and sessions typically  cover research skills, presentation skills, writing skills, review of technical papers, etc. Most groups meet once a week during term-time.

In addition, students should attend the Research Skills Lectures arranged by the Department such as:

  • How to do Research in Engineering
  • An introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Managing your Research Data
  • Literature Searching: Why Google Scholar is not enough

The following workshops arranged by the Department are considered to be useful for first-year students:

  • How to Write a First Year Report
  • How to be an Effective Researcher
  • One-to-one Skills analysis
  • Presentation Skills

In addition the Department's Library offers a number of useful research-related training courses (Current Timetable) and the Department's Language Unit offers a wide variety of course in foreign languages as well as English for non-native speakers.

Second- and Third-Year Students

There are no compulsory transferable courses for students in their second and third years. Students should take advantage of the numerous researcher development opportunities offered by the University. In addition, students can attend any of the first-year sessions, including the RCCs. All students are encouraged to attend a GRADSchool in their second or third year.  Third/fourth year students are also recommended to attend the Researcher Development Programme (RDP) workshops as appropriate. 

The Department's workshop: 'Finishing Up and Moving On' is essential for students in their last year. At this stage you are concentrating on writing up as soon as possible but it is well worth taking a day off to attend this course.

 Skills Training is offered by the Researcher Development Programme, the University Library and the University's Computing Service Students are also advised to register with the University's Careers Service to take advantage of the opportunities and events on offer.

Writing Skills mentoring sessions are available to all Research Students, up to a maximum of three, one to one, personalised sessions can be booked, subject to availability. Dates for these sessions are advertised a term in advance.