Department of Engineering

How to Apply

How to Apply

Research Degrees - PhD & MPhil in Engineering

If you wish to undertake a Research Course, the first step is to read the Department's Research Group pages, and find a group that is closest to your interests. We encourage you to contact a member of staff to discuss your chosen topic before applying. You will be required to write a short research proposal or statement of research interests on your application form. Please ensure that you name a supervisor, research group or departmental research division on your application, so that we can ensure it is reviewed by the most appropriate staff members.

The MPhil degree is not a prerequisite for the PhD so students wishing to undertake a PhD should apply directly for admission to the PhD programme. Not all supervisors accept one year MPhil students so we advise you to contact a member of staff before you apply.

Application Process

The online application form can be accessed via Graduate Admissions; all supporting documentation, including references, should be uploaded as soon as possible (and by the application deadline at the latest), as your application will not be considered without them. When your application is complete it wil be forwarded to the Department of Engineering. We will then forward your application to the appropriate Research Division within the Department. If it is not clear which Research Division you wish to work with, your application may be delayed.

Further information about our courses, how to apply and important deadlines can be found on the Graduate Admissions website.

How long will it take?

We will do everything we can to get your application processed as quickly as possible but please note it can take up to four months.

Taught MPhil Courses

The application procedure is the same as above but a research proposal is not required.

Choosing a College

We cannot give you advice on which colleges to choose. There is a list of colleges on the Student Registry website. All 31 colleges accept Engineering Students. If you are not accepted by your chosen colleges, your application papers will be considered by other colleges.