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PhD Studentships

PhD Studentships


PhD studentships in the Department of Engineering are advertised on the University of Cambridge Job Opportunities Pages and on

EPSRC PhD Studentships in Engineering

A number of EPSRC doctoral training grants will be available in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, from October 2014. Applications for these fully funded research studentships are invited from suitably qualified UK and EU students in all areas of research.

Applicants need to have, or expect to achieve, a first-class degree in Engineering or a relevant subject in the Physical Sciences or Mathematics. Applicants from the UK are eligible for a full award, full University and College fees and a maintenance allowance of at least £13,726 per year. Applicants from the EU are eligible for a fees only award.

Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Numerical Simulations of ultra-low emission natural gas combustion for turbines
  • Experimental investigation of combustion processes in gas turbine systems
  • Experimental investigation of soot production from combustion in porous media
  • Studies of inkjet technology including 3-D printing
  • Process/integration technology for Graphene and other layered 2D materials
  • CFD in aerospace
  • Large eddy simulations in Aerospace
  • Self-healing materials in construction
  • Green cement and concrete
  • High accuracy temperature measurements via laser induced grating spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor tunnel devices: Manufacture and evaluation
  • Design of multi-phase flow devices for industrial and medical applications
  • 3D reconstruction of the built environment
  • Building element recognition for As-Built modelling
  • Automated pavement damage assessment
  • Heavy vehicle dynamics and control
  • Asphalt micromechanics
  • High temperature superconductors in a renewable world
  • Engineering design methodology
  • Engineering design methodology for emerging technologies
  • Reinforced concrete half-joint structures
  • Printable batteries using Graphene
  • Printable Supercapacitors using Graphene
  • 2-dimensional nanomaterial based flexible electronics
  • Development of 2-dimensional functional nanomaterials inks
  • Robust design optimisation of aircraft wings with respect to ice accretion
  • Impact damage and perforation of polymer composites
  • Novel stacked folded cores for blast resistant sandwich structures
  • Friction in composites forming
  • The role of Trabecular bone in preventing buckling of cortical bone
  • Facture mechanics of deboning of CFRP places from concrete structures
  • Business model innovation: The shift from products to services
  • Strategic performance management: Non-financial indicators for manufacturing and service
  • Big data and analytics: Making the most of  new sources of data
  • Linear machines for wave energy conversion
  • Automated blacksmithing: applying contemporary CNC machine development to the art of flexible hot metal
  • The fluid mechanics of low energy building ventilation

Further information on current research within the Department can be found under the Research menu and, more specifically, within Academic Divisions.

Applications should be made via the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions online form.

The Cambridge Trust awards scholarships to International Students. Applicants who wish to be considered for these scholarships must apply before 3 December 2013, for admission in October 2014.