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News stories archive - 2012

News stories archive - 2012

Radiotherapy treatment plan for a head and neck tumour showing colour-shaded dosage areas.

Study to reduce radiotherapy toxicity

08 Oct 2012

A new research programme at the University of Cambridge hopes to improve cancer cure rates by reducing toxicity from radiotherapy.

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Carbon nanotube Fresnel lens

Bright idea: Carbon nanotube Fresnel lenses

04 Oct 2012

Tim Wilkinson and colleagues have created arrays of carbon nanotube Fresnel lenses, each 77 micrometers in diameter and with fifteen zones.

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PhD student Tanya Goldhaber speaks at the TEDx Oxbridge event

01 Oct 2012

Unconventional communication: Why the Internet isn't ruining everything

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Nanotubes used to create smallest ever hologram pixels

27 Sep 2012

A breakthrough in the use of carbon nanotubes as optical projectors has enabled scientists to generate holograms using the smallest ever pixels.

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Luca Di Mario presents his group's findings at the International Water Week

Youthful Vision for a Water and Food Secure World

25 Sep 2012

A research student from the Department of Engineering was among an elite group chosen to look at ways of ensuring the future of food and water supplies.

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Pictures of inkjet-printed LC laser droplets on to a PVA film

Researchers develop printable lasers

19 Sep 2012

A way of printing lasers using everyday inkjet technology has been created by scientists.

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Sakthy Selvakumaran

Top honour for Engineering alumna

18 Sep 2012

A graduate from the Department of Engineering has been named as one of thirty young rising stars of the manufacturing world.

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Students tackle the crane construction challenge

The Department's Institute for Manufacturing plays host to the next generation of engineers

17 Sep 2012

The Department's Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) played host to 29 GCSE students from Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford as part of an outreach project.

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Off-shore Wind Farm Turbine

How offshore wind turbines could be more efficient

14 Sep 2012

A Department of Engineering study suggests that offshore wind farms could be 100 per cent more efficient.

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Richard McMahon

The future of energy?

12 Sep 2012

Today, we consume a truly vast amount of energy.

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