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News stories archive - 2017

News stories archive - 2017

Cambridge team take top prize in international robotics competition

01 Nov 2017

A student team have won first prize in an international robotics competition with a robotic arm they developed and programmed themselves.

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Cambridge PhD student secures Fellowship to aid development of innovative technology

30 Oct 2017

A Cambridge PhD student has been awarded an Industrial Fellowship worth up to £80,000 to help unlock the commercial potential of his data transmitter technology.

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How to train your drugs: nanotherapeutics

26 Oct 2017

Nanotechnology is creating new opportunities for fighting disease.

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Meet Dr Mukesh Kumar

25 Oct 2017

Dr Mukesh Kumar, Lecturer in Operations Management, hails from a village in India, which had no electricity until 2016. He has since applied his expertise to addressing food security issues.

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Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships announced

24 Oct 2017

Two prestigious Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships have been awarded to a researcher and an alumnus of the Department.

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Professor Tim Minshall appointed Head of the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM)

20 Oct 2017

Professor Tim Minshall, the inaugural Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation, has become the new Head of the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), taking over from Professor Andy Neely.

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Breathing new life into asthma treatment

18 Oct 2017

Ian Hosking from Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre is co-founder and co-leader of Designing Our Tomorrow (DOT) which brings real-world problems into classroom design/technology sessions.

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Alumni stories: Meet the engineer designing bridges in the UK and abroad

16 Oct 2017

Johannes Whittam will never forget the hands-on construction experience he gained while at Cambridge. Now he’s a Senior Engineer working on one of the biggest bridge projects in the UK.

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The future of medicine: spotlight on bioengineering

12 Oct 2017

To coincide with the launch of the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences, researchers discuss some exciting developments in medical research and set out their vision for the next 50 years

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Could we build a Blade Runner-style ‘replicant’?

09 Oct 2017

Could replicants ever be a reality? In this article from The Conversation, Dr Fumiya Iida, Lecturer in Mechatronics, discusses what it would take to make a truly life-like robot.

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