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Biomedical lectures for engineering students

Biomedical lectures for engineering students

From the beginning of the Easter term, engineering students in their second year at CUED will be able to choose a new course: 'Biological and medical engineering' as an elective.

The course aims to reveal the vast potential for the application of engineering principles in biology and medicine and students will learn about four specific application areas: the control of the human eye, structures on a molecular scale, animal flight, and the swimming of fish.

The lecturers on the course are all leaders in their fields:

  • Dr Richard Prager (CUED) 3D ultrasound research
  • Dr Roger Carpenter (CU Dept of Physiology) Oculomotor Control.
  • Prof Chris Calladine (CUED) Structures at the Molecular Scale
  • Prof Charlie Ellington (CU Dept of Zoology) Animal Flight
  • Prof Alexandra Techet (MIT) Swimming of Fish

"This is an exciting new venture for us" comments Richard Prager, the Course Director. "Biomedical engineering is one of the rapidly expanding engineering (and medical) disciplines which has a major impact on diagnosis and treatment of disease. CUED has embarked on a programme to forge research links with clinical and science departments to advance some basic themes that are of clinical and scientific importance. We are now reflecting this initiative in our teaching."

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