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Dr Stuart Scott receives Pilkington Prize for his teaching excellence

Dr Stuart Scott receives Pilkington Prize for his teaching excellence

Congratulations to Dr Stuart Scott, Reader in Sustainable Energy, in the Department of Engineering, for the award of a Pilkington Prize, the University’s highest recognition for outstanding contribution in the field of teaching.

This award is richly deserved as Stuart is the consummate faculty member who throws all he has into delivering world-class teaching and research, with a keen eye on practical applications.

Dr Colm Durkan, Deputy Head of Department (teaching)

Ever since Dr Stuart Scott graduated from the University of Cambridge, he has dedicated his career to research and education. Besides his research interests, focused on carbon capture and storage, Stuart has always enjoyed educating minds at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

He has one of the highest teaching loads in the Department, which he carries with exemplary care. He is a selfless individual who often sacrifices his own time for the benefit of students. Stuart is currently Director of the MPhil course in Energy Technologies: he has restructured this course to its current shape, revised many of its modules, given it a more practical approach, and led its successful application for accreditation by the Energy Institute.

Student feedback praises the clarity of his teaching and his willingness to provide individual help whenever a student pops by his office. Stuart combines research and teaching activities particularly well: his modules contain plentiful examples that show the importance of the latest research, including the results being produced by his research group in the Energy Laboratory.

The planned Pilkington Prize celebration cannot go ahead this summer. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope, and the Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education), Professor Graham Virgo, have contributed to a short film expressing thanks and congratulations to all 12 Prize Winners.

About the Pilkington Prizes

The Pilkington Prizes were initiated by Sir Alastair Pilkington – graduate of Trinity College, engineer, businessman and the first Chairman of the Cambridge Foundation – who passionately believed that teaching excellence was crucial to Cambridge’s future success. Largely as a result of his efforts, and supported by a significant personal donation, the University’s Pilkington Prizes Fund was created in 1992. More recently, the Fund was augmented with a generous donation from the late Clifford Anthony Ingram. 

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