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Rising Star 2022 – Catia Marceneiro Dos Santos

Rising Star 2022 – Catia Marceneiro Dos Santos

Catia Marceneiro Dos Santos.

Former electronics apprentice Catia Marceneiro Dos Santos has won the ‘Rising Star’ award in the University of Cambridge Apprenticeship Awards 2022. The award recognises Catia’s journey, progress, outstanding performance and role model behaviour.

I’m very pleased that the hard work and dedication of apprentices at all levels is being recognised and this award is a great motivation to keep doing a good job.

Catia Marceneiro Dos Santos

The event, which was held virtually, celebrates and recognises the positive contributions that apprentices are making across the University. Colin Long and Leonie Isaacson, from Personal and Professional Development, co-hosted the awards; the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, provided a pre-recorded video address; and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning, Professor David Cardwell, was in attendance. 

Having completed her apprenticeship in the Department of Engineering earlier this year, Catia is now working as a Senior Technician in the academic division of Mechanics, Materials and Design. Catia credits the apprenticeship with having given her insights into which areas of electronics she would like to pursue. Currently, she is working in the field of electromagnetism and superconductors.

“My job consists of pretty much what I've been doing throughout the apprenticeship – supporting students and researchers with the electronic aspects of their projects – but I’m working more independently,” she said. “I’m very pleased that the hard work and dedication of apprentices at all levels is being recognised and this award is a great motivation to keep doing a good job.”

Catia added: “The teams at the Bulk Superconductivity Group and at the Electronics Workshops have been very supportive and I’m thankful to everyone that has taken the time to teach me. This has been an amazing opportunity to broaden my skills. Not only have I worked alongside people with invaluable experience and knowledge, but I have also been exposed to a number of fascinating projects in the Department of Engineering.”

Professor David Cardwell said: “It’s extremely pleasing to see so many individuals across the University thriving on our apprenticeship programmes. It’s abundantly clear from these awards that the standard is consistently exceptionally high and that the level of engagement is extremely impressive. I wish all apprentices within the University continued success, which I look forward to celebrating at similar events in the future.”

Catia also has some valuable advice for those considering an apprenticeship. 

“Apprenticeships are a great way to learn while earning a wage, but most importantly, they are great if you want to try out a specific area in a professional environment, and a lot of the skills you obtain are transferable to other areas,” she said. 

“During the apprenticeship, you should be disciplined with your time. Make sure that you are taking the allocated time and using it wisely to learn and work on your reports and other written tasks.” 

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