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From pogos to pencils - deployable structures explained

02 Apr 2004

Sergio Pellegrino's deployable structures have hit the headlines again - this time in American Scientist (March-April issue, 2004).

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Project launch pad

17 Mar 2004

Around 200 children will be visiting the Department this week to attend an event as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

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Winning image

10 Mar 2004

The winning image in the photo competition recently held at the Department of Engineering was taken by Ghim Wei Ho, a PhD student working for Professor Mark Welland at the Nanoscience Centre.

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Engineering events for the Science Festival

05 Mar 2004

Budding engineers are invited to make and race a kit car this year, in the Large Exam Hall on the New Museum Site, on Saturday 13th March, at the opening of this year's Science Festival.

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Patient Safety - a study that could save lives

27 Feb 2004

In the USA it is estimated that at least 44,000, and perhaps as many as 98,000 die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors.

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2nd Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development

18 Feb 2004

Titles for the 2nd Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development, 2004 organised by The Cambridge University Department of Engineering's Centre for Sustainable Development are released.

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Software Sourcing - how to do it

28 Jan 2004

Embedded software provides product functionality, and can be found increasingly in a variety of products from cars and washing machines to mobile phones and audio systems.

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Guest lecturer from MIT

25 Jan 2004

For many of the world's poorest citizens, access to safe water supply and adequate sanitation remains a dream unfulfilled.

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Sofa, so good

16 Jan 2004

Cambridge University's Institute for Manufacturing is working with Sofa & Co to help them meet the challenges of a 50% increase in demand following the opening of its new retail outlets.

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IfM celebrates five years of growth

14 Jan 2004

Cambridge University 's Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) welcomed over sixty guests to an evening reception to celebrate five years of growth.

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