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Latest news

Mice sing like jet engines to find a mate

11 Oct 2016

New research shows that mice make unique high frequency sounds using a mechanism that has only previously been observed in supersonic jet engines.

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Andrew Smyth

Alumnus competing in Great British Bake Off

28 Sep 2016

Andrew Smyth, who studied Engineering and graduated in 2013, is competing in the BBC competition The Great British Bake Off.

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IfM leader awarded IET Achievement Medal for Manufacturing

23 Sep 2016

Professor Andy Neely, Head of the Institute for Manufacturing, has been awarded the Achievement Medal for Manufacturing, one of the IET Achievement Awards.

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A bulk superconductor levitated by a permanent magnet

Strongest magnetic field trapped in a superconductor is a Guinness World Record

22 Sep 2016

A world record for a trapped field in a superconductor, was achieved in 2014 by a team of engineers led by Professor David Cardwell.

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A faster future: Graphene based optoelectronics

14 Sep 2016

Researchers from the Cambridge Graphene Centre have published a paper which shows how graphene can provide a simple solution for silicon photodetection in telecommunication wavelengths. 

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Engineering graduates create new technology blog

25 Aug 2016

Four recent graduates of the University – three from Engineering – have created a new technology and science blog that promises to break down big technological ideas in a relatable way.

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Professor Andrea Ferrari receives American Carbon Society’s Pettinos Award

23 Aug 2016

Professor Andrea Ferrari of the Cambridge Graphene Centre has been presented with the American Carbon Society’s 2016 Charles E. Pettinos Award. 

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Complex design practices: learning from synthetic biology and swarm robotics

19 Aug 2016

Dr Chih-Chun Chen and Dr Nathan Crilly of the Engineering Design Centre investigate the premise that design and engineering principles can be applied to biological entities.

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Turning food waste into animal feed: research student takes prize

02 Aug 2016

A PhD student from the Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group has received a prestigious Chartered Institution of Waste Management Award.

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Bulk superconductor magnetic field record achieved

22 Jul 2016

Dr Mark Ainslie of the Bulk Superconductivity Group, in conjunction with a Japanese research team, has achieved a bulk superconductor magnetic field record. 

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