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Latest news

Imagining a world with wind turbines in every neighbourhood

23 Apr 2014

When Professor Richard McMahon closes his eyes, he sees a future powered by the wind. He envisions a day when wind turbines are as common as trees in the courtyards at Cambridge.

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3D printing: The shape of things to come?

10 Apr 2014

Dr Simon Ford, from the IfM’s Centre for Technology Management, explains why we need to take a clear-eyed view of this much hyped technology if it is to realise its potential.

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Alumnus Ben Whitaker Co-Founder of Masabi - mobile ticketing technology

07 Apr 2014

First Capital Connect have recently launched a new queue-busting mobile ticketing app, allowing passengers to use their mobile phone or tablet as a train ticket for trips to Cambridge.

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Professor William (Bill) Fitzgerald

04 Apr 2014

It is with great sadness that we report that Professor William (Bill) Fitzgerald has died.

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 The first Robogals Cambridge event


02 Apr 2014

Robogals Cambridge held their first outreach robotics workshop at the Department of Engineering.

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Carbon nanotubes find real world applications

31 Mar 2014

No one disputes that carbon nanotubes have the potential to be a wonder technology.

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US honour for Professor Dame Ann Dowling

25 Mar 2014

Professor Dame Ann Dowling, Head of the Department of Engineering, has been honoured by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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Concrete feedback

24 Mar 2014

Dr Mohammed Elshafie wants to give London not just a brain, but an entire nervous system.

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New use for an old ‘trouble maker’

21 Mar 2014

A ‘trouble maker’ from a bygone method of glass production could find a new use as an optical diffuser in medical laser treatments, communications systems and household lighting.

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Putting the fun into computer programming with a robot that is a toy at heart

19 Mar 2014

John Ginger, a recent Engineering graduate, is one half of a team developing a small robot to help children learn programming and robotics while they play.

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