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Latest news

Bulk superconductor sample the team have been experimenting with

Saving energy and space with superconductors

30 Jun 2014

Electrical Engineer Dr Mark Ainslie is looking at how superconductors can make electric motors work better.

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A bulk superconductor levitated by a permanent magnet

Cambridge Engineers Break Superconductor World Record

27 Jun 2014

A new record for a trapped field in a superconductor, beating a record that has stood for more than a decade, could herald the arrival of materials in a broad range of fields.

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Modelling how neurons work together

23 Jun 2014

A highly accurate model of how neurons behave when performing complex movements could aid in the design of robotic limbs which behave more realistically.

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Study finds premise behind bedroom tax is ‘fundamentally flawed’

19 Jun 2014

A new study shows that more than half of English homes - which are the smallest by floor area in Europe - fall short of modern space standards.

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How carbon cousins shaped warfare and can electrify the future

16 Jun 2014

What links legendarily sharp Damascene swords of the past with flexible electronics and high-performance electrical wiring of the future?

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Cambridge Open Technology Workshop

10 Jun 2014

An Open Technology workshop will take place on Friday 20 June 2014, at the Department of Engineering.

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The making of a smart tunnel

09 Jun 2014

Ground-breaking new sensing technologies in the world’s first ‘smart tunnel’ are providing engineers with an inexpensive and efficient method of monitoring, maintaining and protecting...

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Better building through design

05 Jun 2014

The construction industry could slash its carbon emissions by as much as 50% by optimising the design of new buildings

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Advanced materials: one of the UK's “eight great technologies” for future growth

04 Jun 2014

Materials scientist Professor Mark Blamire and engineer Professor Bill O’Neill discuss how research in Cambridge is helping to advance the material world.

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Cambridge students complete MathWorks Student Robot Challenge

03 Jun 2014

MathWorks recently hosted its second Robotics Challenge for University of Cambridge students.

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