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Latest news

Kingspan KoolDuct for UK's largest Passivhaus standard residential development

New research support funding from Kingspan Insulation

23 Sep 2015

The Centre for Sustainable Development is pleased to announce new funding from Kingspan Insulation Ltd. 

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Advancements in tuberculosis drug research

17 Sep 2015

The prestigious Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize 2015 has been awarded to Professor Sir Mark Welland and Professor Andres Floto for research on tuberculosis drug treatments.

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Air quality concerns inside London’s Paddington Station

10 Sep 2015

A risk assessment produced by Department of Engineering researchers has found troubling levels of pollution inside London’s Paddington Station. 

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Major new research grant awarded to Professor Sir Mark Welland in the field of nanotechnology

03 Sep 2015

A substantial grant has been awarded to Professor Sir Mark Welland, Professor of Nanotechnology, to head a collaborative effort related to subsea power transmission.

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NHS guidance Document

NHS Guidance document on making energy work in healthcare

02 Sep 2015

Professor Alan Short, Department of Architecture, and Professor Peter Guthrie, Department of Engineering, have led the revision of the Energy Memorandum for the Department of Health

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Novel Thoughts: Karen Yu on George Lucas’ Star Wars

27 Aug 2015

PhD student in the Department of Engineering Karen Yu talks about how the novelisation of Star Wars sparked her interest in lasers and nanoscale manufacturing.

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Southern exposure – building in Brazil

21 Aug 2015

In this piece adapted from The Cambridge Engineer, Jonny Waller (MEng) writes about his experiences over the course of a summer in Brazil working with the EcoHouse Society.

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Health costs of ageing will shoot up without technological innovation

18 Aug 2015

A new report co-authored by Department researchers urges government and designers to work together to break down the barriers to innovation in order to adapt to an ageing population.

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Collaboration to further geomechanical learning

14 Aug 2015

The University of Cambridge is embarking on a collaborative programme to increase understanding of petroleum geomechanics and well monitoring systems.

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On the origin of (robot) species

12 Aug 2015

Researchers have observed the process of evolution by natural selection at work in robots without relying on computer simulation or human intervention.

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