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Latest news

Predicting long-term flooding trends with AI

24 Oct 2019

PhD student Robert Rouse has been awarded an Industrial Fellowship to develop machine learning capable of predicting future flooding events. 

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Alumni stories: Meet the principal rocket landing engineer at SpaceX

23 Oct 2019

From a young age, Lars Blackmore was interested in space travel and had a goal to one day work on electronics for spacecraft. 

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Alumna Sakthy Selvakumaran recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Engineering

21 Oct 2019

Alumna Sakthy Selvakumaran, Chartered Civil Engineer, has been announced as one of the top 100 Most Influential Women in the Engineering Sector.

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UK government backs University of Cambridge and Microsoft mission to build better AI

18 Oct 2019

The UK government is supporting a new research programme launched by the University of Cambridge and Microsoft to help improve artificial intelligence (AI), it was announced today.

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Kent orchards can be surveyed before harvest for accurate yield estimates

Predicting fruit harvest with drones and artificial intelligence

17 Oct 2019

Outfield Technologies is a Cambridge-based agri-tech start-up company which uses drones, and artificial intelligence, to help fruit growers maximise their harvest from orchard crops.

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Alumni Profile: Ivor Day

16 Oct 2019

Dr Ivor Day (FREng) has worked for 11 years in Industry and a further 36 in Research. 

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Dr Jennifer Schooling OBE awarded the President’s Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers

10 Oct 2019

The President’s Medal is awarded annually by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to an outstanding civil engineer. 

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The engineering student who gets his kicks from playing with the Pythons

08 Oct 2019

Meet Kiran Singh Jolly –  a running back with the University of Cambridge’s American Football Club  – who  is learning about jet engines and leading the Sikh Society.

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Formula One internship brings Hugo a step closer to his dream career

01 Oct 2019

Engineering undergraduate Hugo Parry has just completed a one-year internship at British Formula One motor racing team ROKiT Williams Racing. 

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Department contributes visual clarity test for new global guidelines for e-commerce images

27 Sep 2019

Global standards body GS1 recently published a new guideline for e-commerce images that are displayed on mobile devices. 

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