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Overview of the Department

Overview of the Department

Engineering at Cambridge is an integrated department comprised of the best academics, staff and students from around the world. Not only do we top the academic rankings, but we deliver practical outcomes for society. I feel a great sense of both excitement and responsibility in leading this institution given the influence it has on pivotal issues such as energy, cities, transport, healthcare and manufacturing. My aim is to do everything I can to allow everyone here to perform at their best, engage with real issues and make a difference.

It would be easy to get complacent given this success, but I see a tremendous opportunity to take the Department to a new level. Engineering in most universities is split into separate departments; but we are one department. This structural advantage means we can tackle the really big challenges facing society. But this strength is tempered by our old and scattered building stock. Uniting on one site with new purpose-built facilities and the right support will unlock the full potential of our brilliant people. This is the change I wish to bring.

Professor David Cardwell