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Mr Hooman Atefi Aghayan PhD, CEng


Hooman Atefi Aghayan

Industry Secondment Mott MacDonald

Academic Division: Manufacturing and Management

Research group: Manufacturing Systems

Telephone: N/A




Hooman is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer in Mott MacDonald with experience in Offshore Structural, Civil and Structural and Structural Fire Engineering. He is experienced in performing advanced analysis, Finite Element simulation and detailed design calculations for different structures such as offshore platforms, residential buildings, bridges and temporary structures. His PhD topic covered shortcomings in the British Standard and Eurocode for the design of perforated steel beams in event of fire.

Hooman's current research interest is the application of machine learning methods on the management of infrastructures assets and he managed to successfully complete a Stanford University online machine learning course. Hooman has seconded to CSIS in November 2017 for five months and he is currently working with Dr Ajith Kumar and Dr Zhenglin Liang to develop an industrial toolkit for optimising maintenance activities across multiple bridges over their lifetime based on deterioration models and inspection data.

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