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Mr Ammar Khurshid Anwar


Research Associate in Transitional Energy Strategies

Academic Division: Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

Research group: Energy

Telephone: +44 1223 7 61045



Research interests

Ammar’s current work and research spans the thematic areas of smart cities , Artificial intelligence and Autonomous vehicles. He works as the team lead at UK Autodrive cities division where he is responsible for setting systems that assess the impact of autonomous vehicles at city scale. He has worked at developing agent based models at city scale. He has also actively worked on neural networks for end to end self-driving cars. Within connected cars he developed algorithms for GLOSA, EEBL. He has worked on computer vision systems and embedding them within transport models. He works with the EU commission project coexist where he looks at impact of AVs on intersections & parking spaces within the city. Previously he was involved in big data analytics assessing the sensory data for fleets of wirelessly charging EVs. He has a MPhil from Cambridge where his dissertation focused on intelligent mobility.

Department role and responsibilities