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Dr Anna Young


Anna Young

Senior CDT Fellow in Gas Turbine Aerodynamics

Academic Division: Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

Research group: Turbomachinery

Telephone: +44 1223 7 60551



Research interests


Dr Young completed her PhD in 2012 on the subject of Tip-Clearance Effects in Axial Compressors. She is now the Maudslay-Butler Research Fellow at Pembroke College, and continues to undertake research at the Whittle Laboratory in two areas: axial compressors and tidal power generation.

Research Interests

  • Unsteady flows in axial compressors.
  • Tidal power generation.
  • Tidal stream turbulence measurements.


  • Energy Technology MPhil Project supervision
  • Part IIB (MEng) Project supervision
  • 3A3 (Fluid Mechanics II) supervision
  • 3A5 (Thermodynamics and Power Generation) supervision
  • Part 1B Thermofluid Mechanics supervision
  • Part 1B Mathematics supervision
  • Part IIA Turboexpander Project demonstration

Key Publications

“Stall Warning by Blade Pressure Signature Analysis” Young, A., Day, I. and Pullan, G., 2011.

Presented at ASME Turbo Expo, Vancouver, Canada. GT2011-45850. Accepted for publication in ASME Journal of Turbomachinery.

Winner of Turbomachinery Committee Best Paper Award and Rolls-Royce Howse and Ruffles Award for Best Doctorate Paper.

“Origins and Structure of Spike-Type Rotating Stall”. Pullan, G., Young, A., Day, I., Greitzer, E. and Spakovszky, Z.

Presented at ASME Turbo Expo 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. GT2012-68707. Accepted for publication in ASME Journal of Turbomachinery.

Winner of ASME Gas Turbine Award, and Turbomachinery Best Paper Award.

Strategic themes

Energy, transport and urban infrastructure

Whole-system design of tidal turbines - integrated modelling from water to wire. Robust core compressors for future aircraft engines.