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Mr Camillo Moschner


Camillo Moschner

Research Student

Academic Division: Information Engineering

Research group: Control


Research interests

Synthetic Biology: Engineering of robust, dynamic genetic circuits; Cell therapies; Lab automation (liquid handling, cell culture, DNA and protein extraction)

Fundamental Biology: Genetic burden, plasmid-copy number maintenance, gene expression regulation along the growth curve, antibiotic resistance

Microfabrication: photolithographic, direct printing and E-beam fabrication of microfluidic growth chambers for cell biology

Teaching activity

Supervisor for NST IA: Biology of Cells

Private tutor in biological engineering/synthetic biology, biotechnology and biochemistry at Immerse Education

Department role and responsibilities

PhD student in Bakshi Lab, Control Group (2018-2022)

Temporary research assistant in Bakshi Lab, Control Group (Spring-Summer 2020)