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Dr Callum M. S. Jones


Callum M. S. Jones

CGC Research Facilities Manager

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Telephone: tbc



Dr Callum M. S. Jones is managing facilities and local H&S at the Cambridge Graphene Center (CGC), which is a research facility concentrating on the development of graphene, layered crystals, and hybrid nanomaterials. Callum obtained his physical chemistry PhD at Heriot-Watt University (Scotland, UK) performing research on quantum dots and upconversion nanoparticles for various sensing and imaging applications. He then continued his work as a post-doctoral researcher advancing the field of nanothermometry.

Dr Jones' expertise is in photoluminescent nanomaterials, laser systems, as well as measurement techniques and methodologies for nanoscale research. He has developed skills in the management, forward planning, and strategic development of a leading academic research facility, which possesses state of the art R&D equipment worth over £30M in addition to >200 regular users. Furthermore, he has been responsible for local health and safety procedures involving complex research environments, providing experimental support and training to all researchers, and addressing maintenance, infrastructure, and computing issues, through the direct line management of technician teams. He is constantly seeking out new collaboration opportunities for the CGC by liaising with other departments in Cambridge University as well as new industrial partners. 

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