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Dr George Gordon


George Gordon

Research Associate in Multidimensional Molecular Imaging for Early Cancer Diagnosis

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Research group: Photonics

Telephone: +44 1223 tba



Research interests

Dr. Gordon's current research aims to develop the next generation of optical communication links that will be required to meet the world's exploding appetite for data. For 30 years, optical fibres have formed the backbone of the world's telephone and internet networks, but as global demand for data increases optical fibres are fast approaching their maximum data carrying capacity.

As part of a collaboration between Cambridge, UCL, Oxford and Southampton, Dr. Gordon is building a system that increases the data capacity of optical fibres by enabling the simultaneous transmission of multiple light beams having different shapes, termed mode-division multiplexing. Computerised holograms displayed using LCOS spatial light modulators are used to precisely control the shape of these light beams. For this work, Dr. Gordon was awarded a 2013 SET for Britain award at the House of Commons.

Dr. Gordon's other areas of interest include radio-over-fibre, optical wireless and MIMO communications.

Other positions

Henslow Research Fellow, St. Edmund's College