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Ms Jana Skirnewskaja


Jana Skirnewskaja

Research Student

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Telephone: +44 1223 7 48300


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Research interests

Touch control infotainment systems in modern vehicles are a major distraction to drivers and endanger road safety. Conventional head-up displays require the driver to shift the field of view from the far field of the road towards a small region on the windscreen. Panoramic holographic projections that provide an augmented reality experience in the driver’s field of view could prevent driver distraction. We develop holographic automotive head-up display to project 2D and 3D Ultra-High Definition (UHD) images using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data in the driver’s field of view. Panoramic holographic projections provide a virtual reality experience in the driver’s field of view prevent driver distraction and improve safety. Head-Up Displays (HUDs) can serve as a defensive tool to promote driver attention. This technology could be useful for many drivers, including elderly and disabled populations. Human-machine interaction studies are being used to optimise this technology for drivers and may serve as a basis for future advances in virtual reality.

Skirnewskaja, J., Montelongo, Y., Wilkes, P., Wilkinson, T.D. LiDAR-Derived Digital Holograms for Automotive Head-Up Displays. Optics Express (2021) pdf

Skirnewskaja, J., Montelongo, Y., Wilkinson, T.D. 3D Computer-Generated Holograms for Augmented Reality Applications in Medical Education. Applications of Digital Image Processing XLIV, SPIE Optics + Photonics, 11842-51 (2021) pdf

Research projects

Holographic Devices for Augmented Reality Applications in the Transportation Sector

Teaching activity

Physical Principles of Electronics and Electromagnetics (1P3)

Electrical Power (2P5)


PhD candidate, Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge (2020-2024)

MRes, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (2020)

MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham (2019)

BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Braunschweig (2017)

Department role and responsibilities

Member, Centre for Doctoral Training in Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems

Member, Darwin College

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