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Mr James T Meech


James T Meech

Research Student

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering


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Research interests

James is conducting his PhD research under the supervision of Phillip Stanley-Marbell in the Department of Engineering.  His research is in the area of "Fraunhofer Diffraction for Fast Efficient Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation".

His research interests are non-uniform random number generation, asynchronous logic, FPGAs, MEMS sensors, wireless sensor networks, finite element modelling of MEMS and nanotechnology, embedded systems and implantable sensors.

Research projects

Key publications: 

1. Meech J, Crabtree C, Rácz Z, "Star Type Wireless Sensor Network for Future Distributed Structural Health Monitoring Applications", Inventions (2019), 4: 1, 6 DOI

2. N. J. Tye, J. T. Meech, B. A. Bilgin and P. Stanley-Marbell, "A System for Generating Non-Uniform Random Variates using Graphene Field-Effect Transistors," 2020 IEEE 31st International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP), Manchester, United Kingdom, 2020, pp. 101-108, DOI 

3. J. T. Meech and P. Stanley-Marbell, "Efficient Programmable Random Variate Generation Accelerator from Sensor Noise," in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, DOI 

Department role and responsibilities

James is a second year PhD student in the department of engineering