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Mr Jack Atkinson


Jack Atkinson

Research Student

Academic Division: Energy, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

Research group: Fluid Mechanics

Telephone: +44 1223 7 62437


Personal website

Research interests

PhD Student working with Professor Davidson on the theme of geophysical fluid dynamics.

My research focuses on understanding the fluid mechanics of atmospheric vortices through analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches.

I have worked mainly on the dynamics of eye formation in rotating convection and the evolution of laminar thermals. More information about these can be found in my publications and on my personal website.

As of July 2019 I am now working in the Department of Geography as a postdoctoral researcher studying ash dispersion in volcanic plumes.

Research projects

Eye Dynamics in rotating convection.

Laminar thermals.

Teaching activity

Supervisor for IB Paper 7: Mathematics at Peterhouse.

Supervisor for IIA module 3C6: Vibrations.

Supervisor for IIA module 3C5: Dynamics.

Demonstrator for IB boundary layer and drag experiment.