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Mr Karthick Murukesan


Karthick Murukesan

Research Student

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering


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Research interests

  • Wide bandgap  semiconductors, GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors for power and high frequency applications.
  • Fabrication, characterisation and simulation of Si , III-V nanoscale devices 

Research projects

Publications: ; 8 publications and 5 Patents 

  • Karthick Murukesan, L. Efthymiou, and F. Udrea, “On the challenges of reliable threshold voltage measurement in Ohmic and Schottky gate p-GaN HEMTs,” IEEE Journal of Electron Devices, vol. 9, no. July, pp. 831–838, 2021.

  • Karthick Murukesan, L. Efthymiou, and F. Udrea, “Gate stress induced threshold voltage instability and its significance for reliable threshold voltage measurement in p-GaN HEMT,” in 2019 IEEE 7th Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA), Oct. 2019, pp. 177–180, DOI:10.1109/WiPDA46397.2019.8998859.

  • L. Efthymiou, Karthick Murukesan, G. Longobardi, F. Udrea, A. Shibib, and K. Terrill, “Understanding the Threshold Voltage Instability During OFF-State Stress in p-GaN HEMTs,” IEEE Electron Device Lett., vol. 40, no. 8, pp. 1253–1256, Aug. 2019, DOI: 10.1109/LED.2019.2925776.

  • M.Abul Hossion, Karthick Murukesan, B.M.Arora, “Estimation of Phosphorous concentration in silicon thin film on glass using ToF -SIMS” Mass spectroscopy letters, vol. 12, no. 2, 2021.

  • Karthick Murukesan, Sandeep Kumbhar, A. K. Kapoor, A. Dhaul, Saravanan S., Richard Pinto, B. M. Arora “POCl3/diffusion process optimization for the formation of emitters in the crystalline silicon solar cells,” in 2014 IEEE 40th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), Jun. 2014, pp. 3011–3013, DOI: 10.1109/PVSC.2014.6925567.

  • Karthick Murukesan and N. R. Mavilla, “Towards fabrication of low cost high efficiency c-Si solar cells: Progress and optimization using TCAD simulation study,” in 2012 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Jun. 2012, pp.002218–002222, DOI: 10.1109/PVSC.2012.6318037.

  • Karthick Murukesan, D. V. Sridhara Rao, K. Muraleedharan, A. K. Kapoor, A. Dhaul, B. S. Yadav, B. M. Arora, “An investigation of silicon boride surface layer resulting from boron diffusion in silicon,” in Conference Record of the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Jun. 2012, pp. 278–281, DOI: 10.1109/PVSC.2012.6317618.

Teaching activity

Performed Supervision for 3rd year engineering graduates in

  • 3B5 - Semiconductor device physics 

Performed demonstration for engineering graduates in

  • (1A)  Integrated Electrical Project (IEP), designing and building a radio
  • (1B) E1, Power Amplifiers.
  • (2A) 3B1, Super-Heterodyne Radio
  • (2A) 3B5, Schottky Barrier diode/PN diode 


Karthick was born in Tamil Nadu, India. Currently he is pursuing his PhD at Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), Electrical Engineering division under the supervision of Prof.Florin Udrea. His research focusses on developing reliable normally off p-GaN HEMT's for power applications. He is a Dr.Manmohan Singh Scholar (St.John's scholar) and member of St. John's college. Prior to his doctoral studies he has worked as Technology Development  Engineer at TSMC, Taiwan developing Si based Analog/RF/power technologies.

He received his master's degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Microelectronics & VLSI from Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay (IIT-B) and Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Anna University - Chennai. During his post graduate studies he has worked as research engineer intern at  Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), NUS, Singapore.

He has filed 5 US patents (3 as lead inventor) and penned 8 research articles in the field of CMOS Semiconductor devices, c-Si solar cells.  

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