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Dr Ken Platts


Ken Platts


Academic Division: Manufacturing and Management

Research group: Strategy and Policy

Telephone: +44 1223 3 38085


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Research interests

Dr. Platts’ research aims to enable manufacturing companies to design and implement better manufacturing strategies and operations. His research has pioneered a novel approach to operations management research based on developing strategic and operational processes and tools that operationalise theory.  These processes are then tested and refined by application in live organisations in Action Research mode.

Early work on manufacturing strategy focused on developing a process incorporating a wide systems view and an engineering perspective, which reconciled a company’s internal activities (technical, organisational and human) with the external demands imposed by customers and competitors. The approach has been extended to develop other processes including Action Planning, Make vs Buy decisions, Supply Network Strategies, Supply Chain Postponement, Competence and Capability analysis and Performance Measurement.  Application of these processes shows real industrial impact.

Recent work has been focussing on extending this work to developing strategy in Start-up companies and investigating how Innovation Capability is developed and sustained.