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Dr Lan Hoang


Lan Hoang

Research Associate in innovative responses to Flood Risk

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research group: Sustainable Development

Telephone: +44 1223 7 60561



Research interests

My research focuses on i) the costs and benefits of green infrastructure and ii) its impacts on the dynamics of flood risk management, urban infrastructure, the ecosystems and the socio-economic system. Traditionally, flood risk management has been characterised by engineers as a water control problem, by architects as a design problem and by policy makers as a governance problem. The dominant approach was to transfer the excess water out of the urban area and subsequently transport the flood risks elsewhere. Solutions and cost-benefit analysis proposed for flood risk management often tackle a particular aspect and fail to integrate the complexity of the urban system. Green infrastructure, a network of multifunction green and blue space, has recently become a valuable approach to deal with flood risks and re-integrate the natural and ecological processes that many cities have lost. Structures such as green roof, sustainable urban drainage and permeable paving offer a new way of storm water management and can additionally connect the fragmented urban ecosystem, provide cooling effect and improve air quality. A holistic understanding of their multiple functions and its connection to a wider urban context is therefore needed. My research uses causal loop diagrams and multi-criteria system dynamics to describe the urban system as a system of systems, in which green infrastructure alters the built environment and its energy and water footprint. My work is part of a 3-year project linking various UK universities and at a later stage will apply the research findings on a demonstration city in England. The project fits to and will advance my long-term career goal of assisting vulnerable communities to adapt to complex risks. My general research interest is robust risk management integrating soft and physical measures to aid decision making amid uncertainty.

Strategic themes

Uncertainty, risk and resilience

Green infrastructures as a flood risk management strategy towards resilient and water sensitive cities; decision making under deep uncertainty.

Research projects

Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities