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Mr Myles Nadarajah BSc, MSc, LTCL


Myles Nadarajah

Research Student

Academic Division: Mechanics, Materials and Design

Research group: Applied Mechanics


Research interests

I work on the acoustics of bowed string instruments, such as the violin and cello. My research focuses on understanding the dynamics and vibration of the instrument body. In particular, I am currently developing a theoretical physics-based model looking in detail at the effect of the soundpost on the body vibrations. Experiments on real violins and simplified models of violins will be conducted to support the theoretical findings. This research hopes to improve our understanding of how the sound of string instruments is affected by their design and set-up. This will be beneficial to musicians and violin makers looking to adjust and control the tone of their instruments.


Myles Nadarajah is a PhD student at Peterhouse, Cambridge working on the topic of violin acoustics under the supervision of Prof. Jim Woodhouse. He completed his undergraduate degree in physics at UCL in 2013. In his second year, he was awarded the Sydney Corrigan Prize by the Department of Physics and Astronomy for best experimental work. He completed his masters degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2014 where he studied acoustics, specialising in the acoustics of bowed string instruments. He was awarded an EPSRC doctoral research grant to pursue further research in this field at Cambridge. 

Aside from academia, Myles is an accomplished musician. He holds an LTCL diploma for double bass performance and is an experienced orchestral bass player, see Encore.