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Department of Engineering

Prof. Mike Ashby


Research interests

Professor Ashby's research interests include:

  • Materials selection in mechanical design
  • Materials and the environment
  • Materials and industrial design
  • Materials and sustainable development.
  • Teaching resources for Materials Science and Engineering

Strategic themes

Energy, transport and urban infrastructure

Light weight design for transport systems, materials selection to minimise embodied energy of products, eco-audits of products.

Uncertainty, risk and resilience

Sustainable development.


Teaching resources to support teaching of Bioengineering.

Inspiring research through industrial collaboration

Granta Design, Cambridge, is a spin-off of Cambridge University.  The company develops and commercialises the results of research originating in the Engineering Department of the University and carries out its own research.  Commercial challenges encountered by Granta inspire research in topics such as materials information management, eco-design, material criticality and sustainability analysis within the University.

Other positions

Mike Ashby is co-founder and Chairman of Granta Design, Cambridge.