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Dr Michelle L Oyen


Michelle L Oyen

Reader in Bioengineering

Academic Division: Mechanics, Materials and Design

Research group: Biomechanics

Telephone: +44 1223 3 32680


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Research interests

Dr Oyen’s Lab is involved with research on mechanical behavior in biological materials. Some projects have a distinct biomedical focus, with direct relevance to clinical practice, such as the long-term project examining mechanical factors in pregnancy and birth. Additional projects are basic science in orientation, including the development of characterization techniques for probing mechanical behavior of time-dependent materials with nanoindentation testing and the examination of structure-properties relationships in mineralized tissues such as bone.

Strategic themes


Hydrogels and hydrogel composites, indentation and nanoindentation, mechanics of tissues and biomimics, obstetrics and biomechanics, tissue engineering scaffolds.

Research projects

  • Mechanically-robust scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Poroviscoelasticity and flow through porous materials
  • Hydrogels for recreating the stem cell niche
  • Microfluidic devices for the study of cell migration
  • Soft tissue-hard tissue interfaces
  • Fracture of soft biological materials
  • Electrospun nanofibre materials
  • Developing a “virtual placenta” model in silico

Teaching activity

  • 2P8 Bioengineering
  • 3G5 Biomaterials
  • 4G4 Biomimetics
  • 4C9 Continuum Mechanics


Michelle L. Oyen is a Reader in Bioengineering in the Mechanics, Materials and Design Division and is a member of the Biomechanics research group at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. She holds a B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering and an M.S. Degree in Engineering Mechanics, both from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. degree in Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics from the University of Minnesota. She joined Cambridge Engineering in 2006 following an appointment as Research Scientist at the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics.

Michelle tweets at @michelleoyen.