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Dr Mauro Overend


Mauro Overend

University Senior Lecturer

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research group: Structures

Telephone: +44 1223 3 32659



Research interests

Building envelopes and glass structures are becoming increasingly complex as they are engineered to fulfill a wider range of multi-faceted and often conflicting requirements.  Our research seeks to address some of the major challenges in this field such as improving energy conservation in buildings, enhancing resistance to extreme events and increasing the value of complex glass structures and high performance building envelopes. 

The overriding principle of building engineering is to provide buildings that are stable, efficient, durable, comfortable and sustainable. Grounded in this, research undertaken by the Glass & Façade Technology Research Group ranges from fundamental research to applied research and development in the field of structural glass and façade engineering. The projects may be subdivided into three inter-related themes:

  • Structural and environmental performance of glass assemblies and facades systems.
  • Integrated design / construction processes for building envelopes.
  • Development and prototyping of novel components / systems.

This inherently cross-disciplinary research draws upon a network of experts in relevant fields and relies on close collaboration with industrial partners. Detailed information on the activities of the research group is available on our website.


His main research interests revolve around the structural use of glass and the structural and environmental performance of building envelopes. Mauro’s cross-disciplinary research draws upon a network of experts in relevant fields and is channelled through the Glass & Façade Technology Research Group that he co-ordinates.