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Dr Simon Hartley


Simon Hartley

Research Associate Software & Database Development

Academic Division: Civil Engineering

Research group: Structures

Telephone: TBC


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Research interests

My key responsibilities and duties are:

  • - Design and develop a robust CSIC database, which collects all CSIC data and can be compatible with BIM software
  • - Develop a series of software which enable interpretation of raw sensing data into engineering data which can be analysed, and work with other CSIC colleagues to interpret such data from CSIC field trials
  • - Develop new data analytic methodology to assess the performance of civil engineering infrastructure
  • - Working with input from CSIC industry partners, design and develop software which enables engineering interpretation of sensor data in real time
  • - Produce research reports and publications of high technical nature.
  • - Liaise and network with colleagues and external contacts. 

Teaching activity

Teaching Supervisions

  • Third Year Part IIb: Human Computer Interaction
  • Third Year Part IIb:Digital Signal Processing

Department role and responsibilities