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Dr Sungsik Lee


Research interests

  • Advanced Thin-Film Semiconductor Devices and Physics:


Dr. Sungsik Lee is a Research Associate at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. He received the Ph.D. degree from the University College London (UCL) in August 2013, where he investigated on semiconducting oxide thin-film transistors, after his enrollment in Sept. 2010. His research currently lies in the 'Advanced Thin-Film Semiconductor Devices and Physics for Futuristic Electronics'. Here, 'Almost-off transistors' realized with thin-film technologies are mainly being studied because they are naturally & fundamentally super energy-efficient, and also perfect for low cost and large area systems associated with a thin-film technology's advantage, such as wearable sensor systems in the IoT, where ultra-low power consumption is essential without a concern of speed (see his recent Science paper, press release: Many News Media and Korean News). Besides, he is also interested in totally new electronic devices rather than transistors as transfer-resistors, in order to make a more fundamental breakthrough in the area of green electronic devices in a much longer term. In his area, he has published over 65 articles including journal papers, invited / contributed talks, and U.S. patents.

  • Personal Scientific Index: Google-Scholar
  • Research Philosophy:
    • = Think the Unthinkable out of the Box :
      • - Making a worse material better in a certain principle or condition
      • - Finding a new venue and principle even with a well-known material
  • Professional Activities:
    • Editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature).
    • Editorial board member of Electronic Engineering Journal of the AIMS
    • Referee of IEEE EDL, T-ED, APL, JAP, Sci. Rep., pss, J-CEL, etc.
    • Young professional committee of IEEE EDS (2011-2014)
    • Technical program committee of IEEE AP Sensors / ISSII
    • Guest editor of IEEE JDT (Special issue on TFT Modeling)
    • Session chair of IEEE Sensors
    • Member of AAAS, IEEE, IEEE EDS, etc
  • Prizes and Awards: