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Mr Saikat Ghosh


Research interests

My research interest is broadly in the domain of power electronics and electric drives. Major area is design (topology) and control of power electronic converters for electric drives. Further, I have keen interest in power electronic converters for solar converters, electric machine design, and high-frequency converters using wide band-gap devices.

Research projects

In my Phd research project I am working in electric drive - machine and power electronic controller development for micro and mild hybrid automobile.

Title: Reconfigurable Induction Machine Drive for Micro / Mild Hybrid Vehicle Application

Torque Speed Characteristics of Designed Electric Drive The electric drive in Micro/ Mild Hybrid Vehicle is used in different modes of operation, such as high torque low speed for cranking, and high-speed low torque for alternator mode in cruising. Further, the intermediate range of torque and speed will allow other hybrid functionality such as regenerative braking and torque boost. These different applications of a single machine demand a very wide torque and speed range of operation in both motoring and generating modes. So the key requirement of the machine is a wide torque –speed characteristics

In this project a wide torque-speed characteristic of the induction machine is achieved by a novel phase pole modulation with independent phase belt control. Machine design was aided by detailed finite element analysis. Further, analytical expressions of equivalent circuit parameters of the phase pole modulated machine has been developed, for design optimization. A novel phase pole modulated induction machine has been designed and fabricated along with 12 phase power electronic converter drive. The machine is capable of online pole changing, and reconfigurable in 2/4/6/8/10 pole configuration. A dynamic model of the machine (D-Q model) of the machine has been developed. The dynamic model has been further used for closed-loop control of the machine and online pole changing. 
As shown in the figure, in contrast to existing conventional VVVF drive of Induction Machinene the proposed electric drive widens the achievable Torque Speed  zone of the Indiction machine (IM), moreover, the new machine is fabricated by using a conventional IM  rotor, and rewinding the stator. Further, to test the machine a circulating power dynamometer tes bench is fabricated using another off the shelf induction machine and inverter as shown in the photographs below. 


Saikat Ghosh  received the Bachelor of Engineering from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India in 2011, and the Master of Engineering in 2013 from the Indian Institute of Science, India. During a two-year career as a manager, at Engineering Research Centre of Tata Motors Limited, he has worked on development of two different electric vehicle platforms for a government program. He was responsible for the whole electric system including control software, and hardware development for the vehicle program. Concept demonstration vehicle was built successfully, which was displayed in various national Auto-expo. He joined the University of Cambridge, Engineering Department in 2015. He is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree under supervision of Dr. Tim Flack and Dr. Teng Long.

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