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MPhil in Nuclear Energy

MPhil in Nuclear Energy

The MPhil in Nuclear Energy, sponsored by the Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre is a one year full-time nuclear technology and business masters for engineers, mathematicians and scientists who wish to make a difference to the problems of climate change and energy security by developing nuclear power generation.

The combination of nuclear technology with nuclear policy and business makes the course highly relevant to the challenges of 21st century energy needs, whether in the UK or in countries across the globe. Since nuclear energy involves a broad range of technologies, with its success depending on public acceptance and sound economics, the course is multi-disciplinary in nature. It provides core nuclear technology and policy teaching supported by a broad range of management and technical electives that allow students to tailor their education to suit their interests.

Nuclear Energy has a strong practical element allied to its engineering and scientific foundations. The course provides for this practical element by:

  • Supplementing the teaching from University staff by leading practitioners each with experience of industry and national laboratories, including Rolls-Royce, TWI, UKAEA, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, AWE & Atkins;
  • Distinguished lectures and seminars from external speakers from industry and Government;
  • Experiments on a research reactor;
  • Long project involving either an industrial partner or national laboratory with a (optional) period working with their teams.

While the prime focus of the course is to equip students for roles in industry, there is also a path towards research through preparation for a PhD programme.

There is a range of funding opportunities, usually through competitive scholarships and bursaries, for postgraduate students. These are described on the Graduate Admissions website. In addition, there are some scholarships (worth up to £10,000 each) specifically for Nuclear Energy candidates from the UK. For further information about the course, please contact the Course Director.