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People in Biological Engineering

People in Biological Engineering

Michelle L Oyen
Hydrogels and hydrogel composites; indentation and nanoindentation; mechanics of tissues and biomimics; obstetrics and biomechanics; tissue engineering scaffolds

Abir Al-Tabbaa
Development of biomimetic construction materials

Chris Burgoyne
The interaction of trabecular and cortical bone

Fehmi Cirak
Computational tools for fluid-membrane interaction

David Cole
Driver-vehicle interaction

Gábor Csányi
Atomistic simulation as applied to biological systems

Ronan Daly
Fabrication of bio-diagnostic sensors

Vikram Deshpande
Mechanics of cells

Norman Fleck
Mechanics of biological materials

Zoubin Ghahramani
Applications of Bayesian machine learning to computational biology and bioinformatics

Jorge Goncalves
Systems biology: modelling, analysis, and control of biological systems; understanding molecular functionality; synthetic biology: design of biochemical networks

Simon Guest
Biological structures; cytoskeleton; protein folding; biomimetics

Yan Yan Shery Huang
Near-field electrospinning; multi-material deposition of tissue engineering scaffold; organ-on-chips; neural stem cell engineering; vascular tissue engineering; tumor niche models

Alexandre J Kabla
Mechanobiology of embryo development; modelling of collective migration and cancer metastasis; multiscale mechanics of epithelial tissues

Máté Lengyel
Learning and memory from computational; algorithmic/representational and neurobiological viewpoints

David Mackay
Understanding of biomolecular energy transduction; engineering of more efficient sustainable bioenergy systems

Athina E. Markaki
Actuation of ferromagnetic fibre networks to improve implant longevity; development of a bioreactor system for bone tissue; development of cell culture models for evaluating implantation

Carl Edward Rasmussen
Probabilistic inference in machine learning

Thierry Savin
Theoretical and experimental methods to study complex fluids and living matter over a wide range of scales

Stuart Scott
Evaluation of Algal technologies for biofuel production

Keith Seffen
Morphogenesis problems including: shape due to growth in natural structures; principles of growth; localisation

Rodolphe Sepulchre
Advancing the understanding of the role of oscillations in the brain across different time and spatial scales

H Sprekeler
Theoretical and computational approaches to understanding synaptic plasticity; memory and learning

Michael Sutcliffe
Mechanics of materials modelling of biological tissues; applications to biomedicine

Richard Turner
Developing processing for intelligent hearing devices; improving medical treatment of the hearing impaired, including audio therapy for tinnitus suffers and evaluation of cochlear implant processing strategies

Glenn Vinnicombe
Design principles for feedback regulation in biological systems

John A. Williams
Tribology and adhesion in biological systems

Daniel Wolpert
Computational neuroscience; sensorimotor control

Jim Woodhouse
Perception of acoustic properties of musical instruments