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DIY Printing

DIY Printing

There are a number of multi function devices (MFDs) around the Department. The MFDs provide printing, copying and scanning facilities via the central Uniflow system. The nearest MFD units to the Print Room are in IE1-31 (the other side of the Operators' Room from us). These may be used by individuals who wish to photocopy documents themselves. There are additional MFDs around the Department (the Print Room staff can explain where these are to be found).

To use any MFD individuals must:

  1. Set up a cost centre using either:
    • An appropriate job or research grant number
    • Their own personal cost centre, which they need to finance
  2. Have a means of authenticating themselves to the system, by either:
    • Their university card
    • Their userID and PIN

See the Uniflow web page for further information.