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All research students are required to take at least two modules during their first year. Modules can be chosen from the approved list of Part IIB modules, modules from fourth year courses in other Departments or certain MPhil courses. One reading club can be taken in place of one module. The courses should be chosen in consultation with your supervisor within the first four weeks of your course.

Examination Timetable:

Timetable for IIB module papers

Approved Modules


Cambridge MEng graduates can apply to be exempt from one module subject to your supervisor's approval. Applications should be sent, via email, to the Graduate Studies Office within two weeks of the start of your course. Students who have an MPhil or MRes from the Department of Engineering can apply for exemption from two modules. No other exemptions will be considered.


The module results are part of the First Year Assessment Process. Written examinations take place at the beginning of the Easter Term, the module leader will inform you when and where to submit coursework assignments A pass mark of at least 50% is required.


Syllabuses for fourth year modules can be found on the Undergraduate Teaching pages.

Students wishing to take Research Modules and Reading Clubs should contact the Course Leader for details. Syllabuses and Details of Research Modules and Reading Clubs:

 5R5 Advanced Experimental Methods in Geomechanics
 5R10 Turbulent Reacting Flows
 5R13 Experimental Methods in Mechanics
 5R14 Nonlinear solid mechanics
 5R17 Integrated System Design
 5R18 Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Air Pollution
 5R19 Earthquake Engineering
 RC3  Robust Control Professor M C Smith
 RC4  Manufacturing Management Dr C Velu
 RC13  Advanced Manufacturing Technology Professor W O'Neill
RC15 Engineering Design Dr W Kerley