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  • Alumni stories: Meet Rising Star Dr Tara Shirvani

  • What makes a faster typist?

  • Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury launches Digital Framework Task Group at Cambridge

  • New 3D imaging analysis technique could lead to improved arthritis treatment

  • Agri-food robotics: addressing the challenges, opportunities and threats

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Latest news

Alumni stories: Meet Rising Star Dr Tara Shirvani

16 Aug 2018

Alumna Dr Tara Shirvani (Queens’ College, 2008) has been named one of this year’s UK Rising Stars in Science and Engineering.

What makes a faster typist?

15 Aug 2018

The largest-ever dataset on typing speeds and styles finds that the fastest typists make fewer errors, and they often type the next key before the previous one has been released. 

Alumnus Chris Bellamy has designed a custom-fit 3D printed flip flop, and run Boston Marathon in them!

13 Aug 2018

Chris Bellamy studied Engineering from 2008 – 2012 (Homerton College), specialising in the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos.