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Dr Chander Velu


Chander Velu

University Senior Lecturer

Academic Division: Manufacturing and Management

Research group: Strategy and Policy

Telephone: +44 1223 7 65879


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Research interests

Chander has an interest in innovation with a specific focus on exploring the antecedents and consequences of business model innovation. He has been examining issues related to business model innovation and implications for strategic decision making, ownership and challenges in transforming to more collaborative innovation models. In addition, Chander has been examining the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurial spawning in service industries.

Chander has also been developing alternative means of strategic decision making in game theory with particular applications to competitive settings including business strategy and innovation.

Chander also works on issues related to management and development economics. In this stream of research, Chander applies theories developed in economics and management to issues in development. Work in this theme includes the interactions of religion, economics and management and also the role of new business models for development.

Strategic themes

Manufacturing, design and materials

Activities through the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA)

Research projects

Bit-by-Bit: Capturing Value From The Digital Fabrication Revolution