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Prof. Daping Chu


Daping Chu

Nanjing Professor of Technology and Innovation

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Research group: Photonics

Telephone: +44 1223 7 48352


Research interests

Professor Chu’s research activity has been in the areas of both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, semiconductor devices and materials, nanostructures and properties, ferroelectrics non-volatile memory devices, organic electronics and inkjet fabrication process.

His current research includes space light modulation using holography for true 3D displays, digital illumination and optical communications.  Combining 3D image reconstruction with full parallax and occlusion effects and spatial interactions in spectrum and time domains will provide participants the immersive experience which never exists before.  This is now being explored through research work to increase both spatial and temporal bandwidths and development of new approaches to best utilise the existing technology.

Energy saving, in particular in the built environment, presents a new challenge to electronic/photonic for innovative new technologies.  Professor Chu’s research is focusing on the means for both the active modulation of the spatial profile and impact of lighting and the passive control of solar shading and radiation. Various successful approaches, including laminated electro-active foils (LEAFs) for retro-fitting and development at fundamental level of new devices and materials have been demonstrated.

Strategic themes

Energy, transport and urban infrastructure

Device-level research and development of new energy saving and control solutions for the built environment and lighting.

Manufacturing, design and materials

Novel displays for large area and immersive experience; novel displays for true 3D views; and apparatus for solar shading and radiation control.

Other positions