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Professor Garth N. Wells


Garth N. Wells

Hibbitt Professor of Solid Mechanics

Academic Division: Mechanics, Materials and Design

Telephone: +44 1223 3 32743



Research interests

Professor Wells’ research interests include computational mechanics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, geophysics, scientific computing, mathematical software and numerical analysis.

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FEniCS Project

Strategic themes

Manufacturing, design and materials

High performance computing for system level analysis and design.


Modelling of high-intensity focussed ultrasound for tumour ablation.

Complex, resilient and intelligent systems

Optimisation and control under uncertainty.

Teaching activity

Mathematics, computing, finite element methods, continuum mechanics, optimisation.

Research opportunities

Two post-doctoral positions are available on an ExCALIBUR Project for Exascale computing - see for details.

Other PhD and post-doctoral research associate positions are available in a number of areas.

Other positions

Department role and responsibilities

  • Deputy Head of Department (Research)
  • Chair of the Mathematics and Computing Teaching Subject Group