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Dr James Talbot


James Talbot

University Senior Lecturer

Academic Division: Mechanics, Materials and Design

Telephone: +44 1223 7 64099


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Research interests

Dr Talbot’s research interests lie broadly within the field of Structural Dynamics.

Base Isolation of Buildings against Ground-borne Vibration  Dynamic models for the performance-based design of base-isolated buildings.  Work includes computationally efficient models (e.g. using boundary-element methods and periodic structure theory) for the analysis of wave propagation and soil-structure interaction, and power-flow approaches to assessing isolation performance.

Ground-borne Noise and Vibration  Analysis and control of ground-borne vibration and re-radiated noise from roads and railways, including vehicle-based track monitoring for railways.

Dynamic Measurements for Monitoring Structural Integrity  Current work is investigating strand-break detection in cables with the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction.

For further details, together with current research opportunities, please follow the personal website link given above. 

Strategic themes

Energy, transport and urban infrastructure

Structural Health Monitoring; Base-Isolation of Buildings; Ground-borne Vibration.


James Talbot graduated from Cambridge with a BA and MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering, having been a sponsored student with Westland Aerostructures.  He went on to spend two years with the engineering consultancy Atkins, before returning to the department to complete his PhD on the vibration isolation of buildings.  This was followed by his post-doctoral research within the EU project CONVURT on the control of noise and vibration from underground railways.  After CONVURT, Dr Talbot returned to Atkins where he spent a further nine years working primarily in the fields of vibration engineering and structural integrity.  His experience covers experimental work, theoretical analysis and design, from across a wide range of industries.

Dr Talbot returned to Cambridge in 2013 as a University Lecturer in the Structures Group of the Civil Engineering Division.  He was elected an Official Fellow of Peterhouse, where he is Director of Studies for first-year undergraduates in Engineering.  In 2016, Dr Talbot joined the Dynamics & Vibration Research Group of the Mechanics, Materials & Design Division, where he continues to pursue his research in ground-borne vibration.  He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and a Member of the Institute of Acoustics and the International Institute of Acoustics & Vibration.