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Dr Muataz Alhussein PhD MSc BSc


Muataz Alhussein

Research Associate in Applications of Quantum Communications

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering


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Research interests

I joined center for photonic system, engineering department, as part of their project for developing quantum communication technologies. The project is an ambition project to build UK quantum network. This includes development of practical Quntum Key Distribution (QKD) systems ( mainly CVQKD) and satellite QKD , quantum network, quantum and classical communication integration (add a quantum secure layer to the conventional network layers using machine learning for key management).

I am also interested in AI, machine learning and deep learning as a powerful tool to solve many problems including quantum networking and QKD key managements.

It is exciting to to work in the transition between academic and industry for the era of quantum technology and becoming a member of the next big revolution. 

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Strategic themes

Complex, resilient and intelligent systems

I am part of current development in Cambridge quantum network, this is a key to develop quantum key distribution for multiple services. This is a crucial infrastructure for maintaining the security for current the next technology revolution even when the quantum computer comes to be realized. 

Research projects

Other positions

Researcher at SHI technology research Centre


Muataz obtained his Bsc with honor from Al-nahrain university in Iraq in Information Engineering (2011). After that, he moved to the UK for continuing his Msc studies in Wireless communication systems at Sheffield university (2015). His master was sponsored with prestigious scholarship for bright Iraqi students. He completed his Master with distinction, where he did his project in optically smart antenna under supervision of prof L.Ford. Then, he joined Osaka university, Inoue lab( Japan) as a research student on a prestigious MEXT scholarship, and continued his research for PhD in the same lab under MEXT scholarship (2020). He worked during his doctorate in practical quantum cryptography systems, where he investigated the countermeasure for the well-known practical attack named detector blinding and control attack. His PhD was under the guidance of Prof Kyo Inoue, the inventor of DPS QKD system. After completed his PhD, Muataz joined Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) research center in Tokyo to be a researcher in deep learning and machine learning (2020). After one year, beside his role at SHI, Muataz has joined Cambridge University in 2021 as a research associate in quantum communication technologies at Centre for Photonic systems in the department of engineering.

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