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Nazareno Donato

Research Student

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Research group: Electrical Power and Energy Conversion

Telephone: +44 1223 7 48311


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Research interests

Silicon is a well-established starting material that has been addressing the requirements of energy conversion for more than 50 years. In past few years, the constant development and commercialization of novel wide band-gap power semiconductor devices based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) has resulted in a substantial improvement compared with silicon devices in terms of a large variety of key parameters such as switching speed (dV/dt and dI/dt), specific ON state resistance(RON·S), maximum breakdown voltage (BV), maximum operating frequency (fmax) and output capacitance (Cout).  However, even though SiC and GaN can offer significant improvements at device level, questions arise as to what enhancement could be obtained at a system-level and if there is any risk in compromising the reliability of such systems. 

In this complex scenario, the role of diamond is still unidentified.

The lack of commercially available devices has been mainly caused by the elevated cost for the high-quality diamond substrates and the complex fabrication process required. In addition, technology issues associated to this material such as incomplete ionization of the dopants which for the n-layers could mean less effective doping charge  and the high ohmic contact resistance , have hampered the advancement of this material in power electronics applications.  Nevertheless, the state of the art diamond devices proposed in the literature suggests that the high frequency (>100kHz) and high power (>100kW) area would be the most suitable one to enable the full potential of this material, making diamond a possible competitor of GaN devices for aerospace, satellite, wireless and radar communications and of SiC for data center (DC-DC) and future very high power and frequency applications

My PhD project is mainly focused on the design and modelling of Wide BandGap semiconductors devices and circuits with a special focus on Diamond and SiC for power electronic applications.

I am also a member of the GreenDiamond EU project , which aims to fabricate the first high power electronic device with diamond that is competitive with incumbent wide-band-gap semiconductor materials and technologies, opening new commercial and industrial opportunities.

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