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Dr Oliver J Burton


Oliver J Burton

Research Associate in Lithography System Development

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering

Telephone: NA


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Research interests

Oliver researches novel device materials and integration technologies. Recently this involves researching novel photolithography technologies to enable faster, cheaper and better lithography which is no longer limited to 2D structures.

Oliver has previously worked on integrated routes to 2D material synthesis and subsequent application in device fabrication. Having worked on the chemical vapour deposition of 2D materials such as graphene, Oliver used both in-situ and ex-situ characterization methods to understand how these materials grow and how we can control and utilize contamination levels of certain elements in the catalyst to the advantage of the final 2D film quality. In parallel he worked towards optimising the application of these films after their growth for both research and industry and working on novel repeatable methods of process tolerant 2D material-based device fabrication.

Teaching activity

Oliver supervises 1A mathematics for engineers at Fitzwilliam College, and created an X-ray photoemission spectroscopy practical for masters students.

Other positions

Oliver is a Bye-fellow at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and the Post-doc theme lead for Functional Nano and Layered Materials, where he organizes intra- and extra- departmental events to enhance collaboration within the university.


Oliver completed an undergraduate degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics at the University of Nottingham in 2015, before coming to Cambridge to complete a MASt. in physics in 2016.

He graduated with his PhD in Engineering, supervised by Prof. Stephan Hofmann, in 2020. After this, he won the NanoDTC Translational Prize Fellowship to undertake impact-oriented research and commercialization of technologies that he developed using the funding.

He is currently a research associate in the electronic and photonic materials group, where he is working on novel lithographic techniques for scalable nanofabrication.