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Dr Qixiang Cheng


Qixiang Cheng

University Lecturer in Photonic Devices and Systems

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering



Research interests

Qixiang CHENG received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K., in 2015, researching InP-based photonic integrated circuits for optical switching. He was a Research Scientist with the Lightwave Research Laboratory, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA, where he led the research effort in silicon photonic device design, layout, packaging and testing. He was heavily involved in nation-wide projects funded by ARPA-E, NSF, and DARPA in the US. He recently returned to the University of Cambridge as a University Lecturer and his current research focuses on developing system-wide photonic integrated circuits for optical communication, sensing, and optical computing applications, exploiting a number of photonic integration platforms, including InP, silicon, as well as Si-InP, Si-SiN, and photonic-electronic hybrid integration schemes. He currently serves as a committee member for OFC, CLEO-PR, ECIO, and Photonics West, and he is a guest editor for APL Photonics. He is an author of in excess of 80 refereed journal and conference papers, including 22 invited papers.

Research projects

EU H2020 project: InP on SiN Photonic Integrated circuits REalized through wafer-scale micro-transfer printing (INSPIRE);

Industry-funded project: Optical linear processors using advanced photonic integrated technologies;

Industry-funded project: Gain-Integrated polArizatioN-insensiTive optical switch using flip-chip bonding technique (GIANT);

(Co-I) UK EPSRC project: QUantum Dot On Silicon systems for communications, information processing and sensing (QUDOS);

Teaching activity

Ph.D. candidates on related topics are actively sought after and please contact Dr. Cheng for further details.