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Tasnim Chowdhury

Research Student

Academic Division: Electrical Engineering


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Research interests

Tasnim is a 3rd year PhD student in Occhipinti’s group, working on flexible and wearable electronics, using sustainable materials. After graduating from Newcastle University with an honours degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Tasnim has worked in various roles at a fast paced pharmaceutical CDMO in Alnwick, Northumberland with world class facilities and industry leading scientists. She is highly experienced in HPLC, Drug formulation and development, GLP and GMP processes.

During her PhD she has led two award-winning research proposals for the CAPE Grand Challenge in 2021 (SP-Destress) and in 2022 (CamBalance), sponsored by GSK and Haleon, respectively. Tasnim is currently leading the industrial partnership project with Haleon to develop a mobile application with a smart companion device for monitoring physiological changes in menopausal people. She has a passion for innovating in the field of women’s (trans and nonbinary) health, mental health and sustainable materials. Other projects include: smart sensing systems for vaginal health and microbiota.

Strategic themes


Working on flexible, wearable biosensors for monitoring real-time physiological changes. 

Complex, resilient and intelligent systems

App development for women's (trans and nonbinary) wellness

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