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Department of Engineering

Prof. William (Bill) Milne


Research interests

Research interests include large area metal oxide and carbon based electronics, thin film materials and, most recently, MEMS, carbon nanotubes and other low-dimensional structures for electronic applications. Current projects include optimization of CNTs and graphene for field emission applications especially for portable x-ray systems. Other main interest at present is in the use of an SOI platform for Gas sensing application in collaboration with a start-up company Cambridge CMOS Sensors [founders, Florin Udrea, Bill Milne and Julian Gardner (Warwick University)].

The use of Graphene for high frequency applications is also being carried out where a major push is towards application in the terahertz range.

Other positions

  • Director of Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE)
  • Visiting Professor at KyungHee University, Korea
  • Visiting Professor at Shizuoka University, Japan